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You have to go to them sometimes."
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Freedom Is Not Free

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Today, I am taking a moment to acknowledge my gratefulness to all the military families, past and present, who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

I hope that we never take for granted the holidays, births of children, first days of school, books not read to a child at night, first steps, graduations, hugs and kisses, first words, day to day life and all the events missed while these brave men and women serve to protect all of us.

A special thanks to my sister, Sherrie, her family and her husband, Rob, who has served in the Army faithfully their entire married life.
 He missed all of the things that I listed and more.
They are an amazing family.
Love you all, Sherrie!

Please take a moment with me today to thank God for such amazing and brave souls!
God Bless,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pure Eye Candy For Friday Pretties

This post is pure eye candy.
Lots of Pretties from the
Nada Farm Barn Sale.

My niece Allie, Sherrie and I
enjoying a Beautiful day at Nada Farm
I didn't buy a lot but I did buy this
hand carved baby spoon to give to
a friend of mine who has a sweet
little baby boy.
The spoon was carved by Anne Marie's 

Here are some other
 Pretties that I saw.

 Sherrie's "Ruffled Nest"Pretties
 I hope that you enjoyed all of these
Now, make sure you pop over to
and link up for
Friday Pretties
Have a wonderful 
Memorial weekend

Monday, May 21, 2012

Just A Glimpse...

Anne Marie in her bakery at
Nada Farm

This is just a glimpse of the fun at the
Nada Farm Barn Sale.
More to come on Sherrie's,
A Ruffled Nest
 Friday Pretties,
on Friday.
Come back and take a look,
and, while you're at it,
link up and join the party!

Enjoy this gorgeous summer weather!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Showered With Love on Friday Pretties

I have a friend who is more than just a friend.
She is a "Sister Friend" 
I Love, Love, Love her and her funny,
spontaneous family
They are all so much Fun!
We both have three children all
 around the same ages.
Since we have been friends for about 15 years,
we have watched each others kids grow up.
Well, her oldest son is the first of 
all of our friend's kids to get married.
And, this post is about the wedding shower 
that four friends and I gave
 her soon to be daughter-in-law.
Renee, from Sewn With Grace,
 was in charge of the
 invitations, flowers and cupcakes, 
along with the recipe and 
advice cards that each guest
was to fill out for the bride.

I hosted the shower at my house.
It was so much fun to prepare for!
And, not only the bride, 
but the families of the bride and groom
were all so gracious,
 and thanked us over and over.
We tried to tell them that it was 
Our Pleasure!

Pepper & Salt Say I Do

Ruth, Kathy and Kelly were 
the other three hostesses.
These girls provided lots of yummy food.

Ruth brought these adorable drink dispensers.
She made the cute little signs. 
So Festive! 

The beautiful and sweet 
Bride-To-Be is the third girl, 
in the back, from the right.
All of the rest of these cute girls 
are her bridesmaids.

These lovely ladies are the
 Bride and Grooms families.
Michelle, the bride, is the young lady
 in white on the left. 
Next to her in the jean jacket
 is her mom, Kim. 
And the other young lady 
in front of Kim
 is her sister, Kelli.
The rest of the gang are 
my sister-friend Debbie, 
the Mother in law to be,
who is in the front on the right.
In the front left is her sister Robin.
Above Debbie in the khaki
 is Debbie's Mom, Elaine, 
her sister, Susie,
 and Debbie's daughter, Callie.
I don't think that it's fair
 that these two families
Received so many "Cute Genes".
But, they did!
Callie's birthday was the day of the 
shower so to honor her
Renee decorated a special pink cupcake
 and we sang Happy Birthday.
Oodles and oodles of gifts!

Just one of Renee's amazing creations!

This is a very special gift from Michelle's
soon to be Father-in-Law and Uncle-in-Law,
who both happened to be named Paul.

"Buck Ware"
And, not just one set of service for 8,
but two sets!
Michelle happens to be a hunter so it really
was a very heartfelt and thoughtful gift.
I thought endearing,

Ruth provided the adorable favors.
"The Bride To Bee"

This young, and very sweet couple,
who became friends in fourth grade,
(how cute is that?!?)
are so loved, prayed for 
and have so much support!
What an amazing way to start 
your young lives together!

Many, Many Blessings Michelle and Kaj!
You Are Loved!

Also, make sure to join Sherrie's
Friday Pretties!
Hop on over there and join the fun!

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