"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Little Surprises

Last Spring I worked at a
 local, seasonal greenhouse.
 One day, while I was working, 
a girl, who brought plants up to
 the retail store from the greenhouses, 
brought up a hanging Geranium plant.
As she was hanging it she discovered
these two little pretty eggs.
So Pretty!
The young lady took the plant 
back to the greenhouse
where the frantic bird parents
were searching for their eggs.
A couple of days later the girl told me 
that she went back to check on them, 
to see if they had hatched, 
and there was a third egg.
It will be awhile before I have
 an experience like that again.
Old Man Winter is revving up
 for a cold, snowy season here 
in the Midwest.
I feel cold just thinking about it!
January 2010

I know that there are many 
"Winter People"
out there, my middle son is one of them.
Let me just say-
I Am Not
But, I will try my hardest to embrace the season
and not be a complainer, at least until March 1st.
Then, YES, I will complain.


pollydove said...

Hi Joyce ... I really do like winter and the cold, but it is already "too" cold here and I am not quite prepared. My poor son just got a job doing maintenance at two apartment complexes - he is NOT gonna like being out in the elements I am afraid. We need to find a way to keep his skinny body warm! Bundle up my friend!!!

Naturally Carol said...

I used to live in a very cold place and the idea that got me through most of the winters was that if God created them, there must be good to find in them and treasures that I hadn't been open in myself to find. I enjoyed them much more after deliberately looking for 'goodness' in the cold!

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

It's hard to believe that another winter is already upon us. i heard the snow forcast for the North East this weekend already...brrr. I love winter but then I live in Southern California and winter means nights in the 40s and days in the 60's. I don't really think that's quite the same thing. It must really make you appreciate spring. Hang in there! Patty

It's me said...

So sweet....enjoy a happy weekend darling.....snow???.....hmmm....love from me...xxx...

Farm Girl said...

I hope it doesn't get too cold for you. That is a neat story.

Summer said...

Today was a day to be reckoned with
as where I am from (Northeast) we had 8 inches of S N O W !!!!!
....What can I say but I thi k it is going to be a very very long W I N T E R ..... May as well enjoy it and make soup !!!!

Gloria said...

Hi Joyce,

You have to admit that last Winter photo might make a girl wish she was right there, in all of that beautiful cold! What a gorgeous photo! It gives the "feeling" of warmth :) Bundle up and stay warm, dear friend.


Everlasting Blooms said...

I'll agree...I'm not much of a winter person either! December and January are good, but as soon as February and March roll around we are ready to see some green!

~ Have a HAPPY Friday!

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