"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Little Surprises

Last Spring I worked at a
 local, seasonal greenhouse.
 One day, while I was working, 
a girl, who brought plants up to
 the retail store from the greenhouses, 
brought up a hanging Geranium plant.
As she was hanging it she discovered
these two little pretty eggs.
So Pretty!
The young lady took the plant 
back to the greenhouse
where the frantic bird parents
were searching for their eggs.
A couple of days later the girl told me 
that she went back to check on them, 
to see if they had hatched, 
and there was a third egg.
It will be awhile before I have
 an experience like that again.
Old Man Winter is revving up
 for a cold, snowy season here 
in the Midwest.
I feel cold just thinking about it!
January 2010

I know that there are many 
"Winter People"
out there, my middle son is one of them.
Let me just say-
I Am Not
But, I will try my hardest to embrace the season
and not be a complainer, at least until March 1st.
Then, YES, I will complain.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wedding Bells...

Saturday night
 my hubby and I went to a wedding.
It was at 
The Blue Dress Barn
Pure Charm & Whimsy...
I absolutely Loved everything 
about this wedding.
The guys had on black slacks,
 white shirts and lime green ties.
Love It!
And, the Bridesmaids 
all had on black dresses 
but each dress was different, 
with green shoes.
And, of course, 
the Bride looked beautiful.

Sadly, I don't have a picture of the Beautiful Bride. 
What was I thinking?
If I were getting married again,
I would totally copy this wedding.
The Bride thought of every detail.
Everything was simple, charming, 
and at the same time, elegant.,
just like the bride.
She is a doll!

The groom's family was part of the entertainment!
They were the Best Cupcakes I have ever had!
Vanilla, chocolate, carrot or red velvet.
Can it get any better than that?

This was the Bride & Groom's little cake.
So Pretty!
An antique bird cage held the cards
This was the guest book-
Everyone stamped their finger 
or thumb print and then, 
we wrote our names around the print.

Look at this adorable Candy Bar.
Are those little bags the "Sweetest"?

The flowers were Gorgeous!
Once again,
 Simple & Elegant.
My favorite combo.

Here are a few more shots of the grounds.

This barn was
 part of a group called
"The House of David".
It has quite a history.
You can read about it right 
My husband grew up in this area and 
remembers going to this barn with
 his parents to buy milk.

Congratulations to 
Sharlee & Benjy
Here's to your 
Happily Ever After!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Love

 Do you remember my little friend,
whom I called the
"Hippy-Chick Bride"
You can read about her Pretty wedding right
 Here & Here
now that Pretty Bride is going to be very 
Pretty New Mommy!

Her lovely best friend, Amelia, 
who happens to also be her sister-in-law
(how convenient is that?)
and I had a baby shower for her.

This is my right-hand-man, Jer.
I couldn't have done it with out him.
Very Helpful!  :)

Rebekah loves nature and muted colors,
so I thought an Autumn theme would be perfect.

But me being me,
 I always need just a touch of pink.

Here is a group shot of the
 Lovely Girls who came to celebrate.

Here is my wonderful co-hostess, Amelia, 
and the soon to be mommy, Rebekah.

And, below, Amelia handing out a prize 
after one of her creative games.

Rebekah with her sweet Mama.

And, Rebekah with her 
very talented Mom-in-Law

My youngest son casually walked through, 
and look what happen to him-
in the pictures of Rebekah's shower.
Only for her!


For my "Friday Pretties" Girls-
I am having some Linky issues,
and am Very frustrated.
I am rethinking this plan...
Much Love,

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