"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sherrie's House...

Who Wouldn't want to stay 
in this snuggle room?!?
Whenever I go to visit my sister, Sherrie,
she rolls out the 
Pink Shabby Chic Carpet!
 This was her daughter's room, who moved out this fall.
I have now claimed it as MY room.
Yes, other people have stayed in that room.
Little do they know that it is really mine. :)
Oh, and Sherrie's sewing room.
 I go into that room and I snuggle in
 and I sleep so soundly.
 I love my sister's home.
And, I love staying there and spending 
so much concentrated time with her
 and her family.
 We have had two really stressful and sad years
with our Mom's sickness and death,
and with Sherrie's FIGHT against cancer.
 We have had a stress and a sadness 
hovering over us.
But, this visit wasn't stressful or sad.
It was a CELEBRATION of Sherrie being cancer free!
She got her port out, 
and for those of you who have experienced cancer 
you know how wonderful this milestone is.
 So, even with this little surgery,
we laughed, and shopped, and laughed, and ate,
 and laughed, and talked, and laughed,
 She is such a joy in my life.
 My best friend.
I Am Blessed!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet Friday Pretties...

My Goodness!
It's time for Friday Pretties again.
Time Goes So Fast!!!

Is it too soon for jelly beans?
I bought these jelly beans because I 
the colors.
Also, because I don't really like eating 
them so I din't think I would be tempted...
Well, I was wrong,
 because they are
 Sour Patch Jelly Beans
and they are

Today was such a good, good day!
My sister, Sherrie, had her 
port removed today.
(She's doing great tonight)
Her oncologist insisted-
I would consider that
 very encouraging.

We are thanking God today,
and every day,
 for His amazing gift of
Both temporal and eternal.
Thank You Lord for Her!

Happy, Happy Friday!
Please take time to enjoy
the blogs that linked up
today on my sidebar.
Very Pretty...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's The Little Things Thursday...

"It's the Little Things"
Join Cassie for

Planning and anticipating a visit to see my sister.

The day finally arrives when 
I pack up the car and go...

Arriving safely at her door.

Her big HUGS 
that fill me to the Brim!!!

Seeing her smile.

Seeing her with hair again!

Spending time with her...
Just being with her.

Her wonderful family
that I love sooo much!

The smell of her house.

Still being able to smell her house on my clothes
even after I go home.


God gave me an amazing gift when 
He gave her to me as my little sister!

Monday, February 21, 2011

We are "Iced" in today.
This is the only sunshine I could find ...
Everything is covered in about half an inch of ice.
We can't go anywhere today...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday Pretty Dreams...

Friday Pretties...
Dreaming of
Summer Flowers

 What are you dreaming of
on this
 Pretty Friday?

Don't miss all of the other Pretties
in all of the other Pretty blogs that
are linked on my sidebar.

Have a Fun-Filled Weekend!!!

Oh...and make sure you check out
Birdie Blue's
 Give away!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's the Little Things...

Serenade for Solitude's
It's the Little Things
Dandelions in the Spring
"Snow Eating Breeze"
The Weather Man
51 degree's after weeks of 10 and below.
My Husband's Birthday
When the air smell like Florida
Going to see my sister- 
Those simple meals at home with
my hubby and kids
when there's lots of laughter and fun.

What little things mean
 a lot to you?

Join Cassie for

Sunday, February 13, 2011

True & Lasing Love...

True & Lasting Love

"True love germinates in the
 Soil of sacrifice, 
Sprouts in the garden of surrender, 
And matures in the 
Matrimony of servanthood.
 Love isn’t love until 
It has cost you something 
To give away."
Kris Vallotton
 Have You Experienced 
True Love?
Agape Love 
 Unconditional love that is
 always giving and impossible to take or be a taker.
 It devotes total commitment
 to seek your highest best no matter
 how anyone may respond. 
This form of love is totally selfless and
 does not change whether the love 
given is returned or not. 
This is the original and only true form of love.

God's Love For Us!

You Are Loved!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday Pretties...Come and See...Play Along

Here we are again- 
It's Friday!
Time for 
Friday Pretties!
Don't the weeks fly by?!? 

Anyone who has regularly read
 my blog knows how much
 I LOVE receiving packages in the mail.
And, by now, everyone knows
 that I love to order things.
Those two things go so perfectly together. 
I couldn't resist a cute little
Mini-Pattern by
Heather Bailey
A tiny turtle pin cushion.
Who could resist?
 I love Heather Bailey!
Not only does she have adorable
patterns, but also fun, bright,
and young fabric.
Check out here website 

On the same day this also came in the mail...
I had ordered this vintage trim and fabric
 from an Etsy shop called
This is Susan's shop from
Stop by her blog and take a look.

Have a wonderful Friday!
 Happy Happy Pretties!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's the Little Things...

I am joining Cassie at
for her 
 It's The Little Things...
It's The Little Things...

Having my 18 year old son stop by 
because he is really
hungry and I just happen to 
have something warm and filling
already cooking...

A doctor's appointment when everything is all good...

Spring flowers at the grocery store when all I can see is snow for miles and miles...

The fact that Valentines colors are red and pink...

It's all of the little things that
 make our days happy!

Go visit Cassie and link up for

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday Morning!
Here is a reminder of
The Colors & Smells 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

FRIDAY PRETTIES...A Friendship Relay

 ~Happy Friday Pretties~

 Sweet Cassie at 
Serenade For Solitude
 sent me a
Friendship Relay.
Really, Really Fun!
I am suppose to answer a few questions.
These are always harder than I think they will be-
But, here I go...

1. What did you first want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be either a teacher 
or a famous singer.
I figured I had a better chance of success at
teaching than singing, 
but in the privacy of my room I
had both a chalkboard to "pretend teach"
and a mirror and hairbrush for some 
Fabulous Rock Star Singing!
I am neither... 

2. What was my favorite childhood game?
At night, with all of my cousins, hands down-
Kick the Can
3. Most favorite birthday?
I love every birthday and am so thankful
for the gift of another year on this earth.
I will never take that for granted.

4. Something I have always wanted to do
 and haven't done yet-
Well...hmmmm...I don't know. 
I guess go to a blogger's conference 
and meet some of you.
That would be a Blast!
5. What was your first love? 
Besides boys...ha ha...
I love to read.

6. First musical idol?
Nancy and Anne Wilson of Heart
(Magic Man...Do any of you know it?)

7. Favorite Gift?
On my husband's and my 17th anniversary,
after a very difficult year,
 my husband surprised me with
 a new diamond and wedding band.
It was exactly what I would have chosen.
He knew me.  :)
8. If a theme song played everywhere
 I went what would it be?
 Chris Tomlin's version of 
Amazing Grace.
In the chorus it says-
"My chains are gone.
I've been set free.
My God, My Savior 
has ransomed me.
And like a flood 
His mercy rains,
Unending Love,
Amazing Grace."
9. Favorite city to visit?
I have two. 
They are very different from each other
and I love them both for very different reasons.

#1 is the town my sister lives in.
I love visiting her and I love her cute little town.
When  think of that place, I feel happy.

#2 is a wonderful beach in Florida.
We went there before kids, and every Spring
of their growing up years.
It is beautiful and full of the fondest
family memories ever!


So, there is a little trivia about me.
I am passing the baton to all of you.
Please answer these questions 
and let me know
so that I can learn more about you!

Visit all of the Pretties on my side bar for
Friday Pretties!!!

Also, visit Cassie on Thursdays.
She has the coolest link...
 I want to join in the fun next week,
 if I can get my creative juices flowing.  

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