"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday Pretties!

Last Saturday Big Jer and I went
back to the Farmer's Market.
I bought this bird feeder.
It is called the
"Dainty Diner"
Baltimore Oriole Feeder.
The lady who had made these, and was selling them,
told me to put grape jelly in the dishes
to attract the Orioles.

She said that she had used strawberry jelly,
but the Orioles didn't come.
They like grape.
So far, I haven't seen any,
but I am holding out hope!

Our town has walking/biking paths
all over the city.
They extended the path behind our house.
A first I was a little upset
because of the privacy issue,
but we have had it since May and
I love it!
Almost every morning or evening
Junie and I, and sometimes Jer,
head out for an hour walk
along the paths.
This is a view of my back yard.
The trees and foliage
really have persevered our privacy,
at least in the summer.

Occasionally Junie will decide that she wants
to explore the path and the woods by herself.
Some how, some way that sneaky girl
finds a way to go exploring by herself.

She knows that she will be in
Big Trouble
when she comes home,
but I think that she weighs
the experience and the punishment
and decides that it is worth .
Here she is, coming home,
somewhat contrite.

Look at her ears...
Let's call her "Miss Humble".


Rosie said...

Oh she is totally sorry...and will not even think of ANY covert operations of any kind...and if she does, she says she'll absolutely lick your nose and tell you she will never do it again...
Ya, I know her kind.....and completely love them...lucky you to have beautiful trails and a walking buddy {or two} to share them with.
Happy Friday Sweet One...love Rosie

Cassie said...

Your back yard is great! It would be so nice to have some good walking paths nearby. Enjoy!

I hope you are having a great summer so far!


myletterstoemily said...

your flowers are just gorgeous! it must
be so much fun to have the walking path
now that you're adjusted to the invasion
of privacy.

it looks like you have a huge yard to add
a nice buffer.

i am remembering your mom and sister
in my prayers.

i checked the link, and it seems to be ok
now. thanks for letting me know.


koralee said...

Oh your sweet pups face...how can you ever get mad at a face like that!
What a cute bird feeder...let us know if it works.
Happy Friday Pretties and thanks for hosting once again sweet girl. xoxoxo

Silver Strands said...

Such pretty pretties! I especially love your backyard ... would love to toss around a frisbee there :)

Bonnie said...

Ohhh love all the gorgeous flowers! I love daily walks, they are always so refreshing to me... "Miss Humble" looks like she enjoys walks too. :)

Adorable bird feeder, I hope to see it with birds all around it soon!!

Thanks for being such a gracious host, Joyce. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Beautigul garden, post and cute dog!!!
Kisses and regards.
zondra art

It's me said...

June is so sweetie ...can you be angry of that face those ears???..................of couse not!!! hahahahah!! have a nice sunny day........it is very hot here in Holland.....well 31 degrees or more today !! bigg hugsss ....love.....Ria....

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your bird feeder is ADORABLE! So is that sweet cute face of your gorgeous friend. i'll be joining your lovely party too from next week on, okay? Sending many hot wishes your way for a happy pretty Friday, joyce! xxx

Leslie said...

Friday Beauty!! The garden and bird feeder are super pretty.
June June.. well, we already know she's a beauty.
have a great weekend

The Ruffled Nest said...

Oh Junie!!! what a dog. Love your new bird feeder, you and Jer find the funnest stuff at the farmers market.


Tina Eudora said...

What a fabulous birdfeeder! I will be curious to see if the jelly works. Have a super weekend!
Tina xo

Anonymous said...

2 things! Love the bird feeder! i want one! Last week my parents were outside and asked me if we had Orioles in MI to which I replied my usual "I have no idea" but they could have sworn they saw one... so that makes me want to put some grape jelly out there! HA! Also< i would love to bring the kids by and a stroller on a cooler day to walk with you and Junie! They would LOVE her! :-)

Amanda said...

that bird feeder is adorable!!! hope you and your family have a great weekend! :)

Maria said...

Good morning and thank you for hosting Friday's Pretties!

I'm with everyone on Junie's face! very sweet...

I am a bird loving person too! Love your pretty, pretty feeder system...

The daisies are lovely too ~ the "friendliest flower."

Your yard looks amazing... and I love walking paths... Wishing you many peaceful walks ~
A happy and lovely weekend to you ~ Maria

Poppies and Sunshine said...

That bird feeder is adorable! Love it! For some reason I thought the links on the right were refreshed each week for Friday Pretties. I'm sorry! I wasn't playing along this week like I did last week. I will remember to tell you in future if I link up but will not be playing the week after that.

Rosie said...

Oh girlfriend, once again a great time was had by all...I love Friday Pretties...almost as much as I adore you and your sweet sister...Funny you should say that you giggle at my comments because with names like "Miss Marshmallow Smarty Pants" how ever could I jot a serious note...The feeling is totally mutual and I LOVE IT...xoxo...Rosie

Elizabeth said...

That birdfeeder is very neat! Wow! your backyard is fabulous! Love all those garden pretties! That would be pretty cool to have a trail so close by! We have one that they have made were an old train track was. I always think it would be so cool to live a walking distance to the trail!
My week has been a little nuts so I missed Friday Pretties :[ I will catch it next week!
Hope yor having a great start to your weekend!

Maria said...

Oh I'm back to read Rosie's comments! I saw your note on her page and had to come back to re-read!
What fun we have!

Sewn With Grace said...

Oh I love the bird feeder! And what a great name, the Dainty Diner, It's even fun to say. I hope you get Orioles visiting. That Junie, I think she decided that it was worth it!

Marie said...

The flowers are beautiful and I love the birdfeeder you purchased. That is such a great idea. You will have to visit my blog to see one we made.

Joyce said...

Hi Marie, I went over to your blog to look at your bird feeder. I LOVE IT!

I wanted to comment, but it wouldn't let me. Hope you get this message just in case you don't know that people can't comment.

Thanks for visiting!

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