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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday & Wig Week

I really wanted to surprise my sister for her birthday with a quilt.
The only issue was that I had never made a quilt before.
So, I decided that it was time...
Renee showed me how to cut out,
sew together, and iron the seams
(Yes, there is a specific way to iron them)
Then, I went to the quilt shop,
(where I took my class to make a Messenger bag)
for some extra help, and went home with this-
I thought that I would need yet another class,
but decided just to go for it
and try to finish on my own.
I Did!

Two of the fabrics that I used were from
linens that Sherrie and I both used
for three out of our six babies.

The pattern was called
"Bunny Jo"
and we both Loved it!
There was the yellow and white striped bed ruffle,
and the white crib sheet.
Both with the charming little
"Bunny Jo" pattern.

I accidentally found the linens in her basement
about two years ago,
and I sneaked them into my suitcase,
just in case I actually tackled quilting.
Well, yes, miracle of miracles,
I actually made the quilt!
I finished it by sewing a border around it
and then sewed on the binding
with the same red polk-a-dot fabric.
On the back I used an old, soft "Shabby Chic"
sheet with little flowers on it.
I wanted it to be super
Comfy & Soft!
She loved it, and put it on the back of her couch.

She didn't have to do that...
I made it for napping and snuggling.
Here she is all wrapped up!

As some of you know, Sherrie has started chemo.
So, also in this picture, she is sporting her new wig.
Her and I went in search of a wig for her.
The first one, that our new friend Belinda
(Who is the owner if the shop)
brought out, was this one.
I thought that it was very appropriate
because it was very
Carol Brady-isk,
and Sher and I have always
Loved the Brady Bunch!
So Carol!
But Sherrie doesn't want to be Carol,
she wants to be Sherrie.
So, she decided on this one-
She Is So Cute!

Sherrie and her new friend Belinda.

A girl needs her hair..

Happy Friday Pretties!
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Go ahead...go hop around.
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Sarah B said...

You did such a marvellous job on the quilt Joyce! What a wonderful gift.
While I always loved Carol Brady I very much like the 'do' Sherrie chose. It suits her well. Nice to see her smiling :)
ps sorry I didn't get my link to Friday Pretties - I am just so slcak and disorganised!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

The quilt is wonderful. What size are those squares? I'm sure Sherrie loves it, and she looks great in her new wig. I joined in your party again. I hope the little photo will be fine.

Rosie said...

Oh dearest this is a masterpiece...good for you, for just jumping in...I love it...and for the special little memories sewn in with love...
Sherri's wig is lovely, but she is so beautiful, she doesn't need it.
However, totally feelin' the Carol Brady do...Happy Birthday Sherri...
...love to you both...rosie

Cassie said...

What a beautiful quilt! So heartfelt. You are such a great sis. Blessings to your sis again, and for you as you stand to support her during this trying time. xoxo

I am attempting to link up to Friday Pretties tonight! I hope things work out! Thanks.

It's me said...

What a beautiful quilt so nice maked of you Joyce !!...and so nice the special little memories within !!!....and Sherrie perfect hair you choose...i saw you last week with long hair?????? i think that was a little joke of you???? please let me know......both happy times together..........full of joy and hapinez....and love......bigg huge hugs from me Ria.....

Carla said...

What a beautyfull quilt you have made.
It maybe a lot of work, but it's so very very nice....You can see your sister loves it.

I really like her hair....
By the way....you have a nice Blog and i am gonna read some more.
Have a great day....

kindes regards Carla.

april said...

Oh Sherrie is beautiful! I love her hair! And what a beeeautiful quilt, Joyce! So so special!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Are you serious! That was your first quilt! It is perfectly beautiful!
Hugs to your adorable sister! That wig is sooo cute!!!!!!
Please add me to the Friday Pretty Blog Roll! Oh! How fun!
Have a pretty day!

Sewn With Grace said...

A stunning quilt for a stunning sister. You did a great job! I knew there was a quilter in you! Love the wigs. Belinda must be one special lady to own a shop that helps others so much. Love the pink walls!

birdie blue said...

The quilt is darling. I had that same Laura Ashley Bunny Jo pattern in my oldest daughters' nursery. Then I gave it to my sister for her daughter. I still have some of the wallpaper border/roll.

Your sister looks beautiful. If your hair is looking good, you feel so much better.

Have the loveliest day, and thank you for hosting Friday pretties.

Maria said...

Hi Joyce,
The quilt is so pretty... what a lovely gift of the heart...
♥ Those are the best ♥

Your sister looks beautiful ~ Sending her heartfelt prayers and wishes


The Tablescaper said...

How awesome for you to have made that darling quilt for your sister - and to sneak out the linens! Now you make me wonder where my children's baby quilts are. I know I gave a lot away, hmmm.

Sherrie looks great in her new wig. She also looked great as Carol. She is adorable.

- The Tablescaper

koralee said...

Oh how I love your sister..she is pure inspiration to me...her beauty just overwhelms me...you have soooo much love in your family! May the light of God never leave you and may you all be filled to the brim with Joy! xoxoxo

Jill said...

I love her new hair-- so cute!!! Your quilt is so wonderful... so sweet and sentimental. Sherrie looks wrapped in love. :)

Gloria said...

Awww...:) wiping the tears from my eyes now! Seriously! :) Very sweet, Joyce! I know your sweet sister deserves to have such a beautiful quilt made by her adoring sister! Sherrie looks very beautiful, and that quilt is as pretty as the both of you girls are!
May God continue to bless your lives with His love! Have a wonderful weekend! @}~`}~~~

Carol said...

Love her "hairdo"...and the darling quilt you made! I'm inspired to make one for my granddaughter who could use some "quilt hugs"!! Koralee from Bluebird notes directed me to your blog....already love it!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

JOYce, your quilt is adorable. Great job! Your sweet sister is very beautiful. Do have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of precious moments. xxx

Elizabeth said...

What an amazing job you did on that quilt! It's absolutely Beautiful and it does look so comfy!
Blessings and lots of hugs to the both of you!

subu.ps said...

That was a pretty good present. Thanks for sharing the idea

trish said...

Oh how precious! Your quilt is adorable and full of such special fabrics. And Sherrie looks so pretty! As always. :o)
Have a wonderful weekend. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Silver Strands said...

The quilt is beautiful and Sherrie looks amazing! You are both so blessed to have each other. What a sweet post!

PS - I keep getting an "error" reading when I try to link up. I'll try again in a day or so. I missed a couple of Friday Pretties because of traveling outside of internet abilities ... trying to stay on top of it now :)

Honey said...

The quilt that you made for your sister is beautiful and priceless! What a wonderful idea "stealing" fabric from her to place in the quilt that has so much meaning to you both. You are very clever. I bet that was her most favorite birthday gift. Aren't sisters the best? I am praying for yours. :)

Brooke ~ SummerBrooke Gardens said...

The quilt turned out fab-u-lous, I know Sherrie will treasure it always!
Sending lots of prayers and blessings, ~Brooke

shari @ little blue deer said...

I will be praying for Sherrie! She looks beautiful, even in the Carol Brady wig! I know she will treasure that quilt forever, Joyce, how kind of you, you are an amazing sister! XO!

Dee said...

A beautiful quilt and an even more beautiful sister.:)

Michelle Palmer said...

Your quilt is gorgeous... I especially love the picture where your sister is wrapped in its love :)

Thank you for your sweet note~ yes the bees have sold... but there will more soon!
Wishing you the best of days~

Patricia Torres said...

That is such a gorgeous gorgeous quilt.. Im amazed.. Well done!! Love your blog... and am here to stay.. Loved it!!

the vintage wren said...

Oh, I adore the quilt you made for your sister. I love that the fabrics have real meaning to you both. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. Your sister looks adorable, I want my hair to look that cute. Take care, Carrie

Amanda said...

You did such a beautiful job, Joyce! I'm always impressed by your sewing skills that you always seem to be so humble about! Sherrie's wig truly does look beautiful on her. I keep praying for your family.

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