"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Monday, August 9, 2010

Thanks For The Love...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Two very lovely Bloggers honored me with awards.
So Sweet & So Humbling!

I received this award from
Brown Eyed Belle



First, for the Versatile Award
I was suppose to write down
seven things about myself.

For the Sugar Doll award,
I was to share ten things.
So, I decided to share nine.

(This is harder than you think)

1. I like to arrange, and re-arrange my sandwiches while I eat them.

2. I tried very hard Not to love my dog Junie when I brought her home for my boys. I really didn't want to get attached. But, Sweet Junie wooed me with her kindness and loving, sweet nature, and those big brown eyes. I can't help myself- I love her.

3. My husband thinks that I am quirky.

4. I really only go to the movies for the popcorn.

5. I had no idea the depth of the friendships I would have with other bloggers.

6. I wish that I would have learned more from my Grandma while she was still with us.

7. I am happiest in the summer.

8. If I don't make my bed everyday I feel really off.

9. I wish that I lived on a ranch with horses, chickens, dogs and a pond-
Oh, and a pool. I like to swim in clean water. :)

I told my sister today that I am an
Official Blog Ball Dropper.
I am so sorry to be so late on responding
to these flattering awards.
But, here it is-
Off we go...

The Versatile Award goes to...

And The Sugar Doll Award goes to...

I have enjoyed each and everyone of these blogs so much.
I do have to say though, it is very hard to choose!


It's me said...

Congratulations with your awards !! you deserved them darling......if i get a award i never give it further away...because i can't choose......hahahahhahah!!...wishing you a happy week.....love Ria

Silver Strands said...

Love your Carly Simon song I'm listeng to now on your blog! And congrats on all the awards :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh my! Thank you! That is very sweet! I've not recieved an award before! I'm all smiley right now!
Thank you!
So do I pass it on? You'll have to fill me in!
Congrats on your awards!!!! Definitely with you on the summer thing and lovin' going to the movies for the popcorn, to funny! :].
Have a wonderful day!

koralee said...

Congratulations on your awards...you so deserve them my friend.

I love your tidbits...they make you extra sweet. Hugs my friend. Have a great MONDAY!!!!

Bonnie said...

Hi Joyce!

So sweet of you to think of me, and I love the name of the award, Sugar Doll, just too fun. :) Thanks so much! :)

I enjoy visiting your blog as often as I can and your Friday Pretties always leaves me with something to look forward to especially when weeks get busy. So congrats on your awards and loved hearing about you. hehehehe rearranging your sandwich huh, mine normally rearranges itself - such a messy eater, even when I try to be neat!

Hope you find your way to the front door today. :)

Thanks again!!


Martina said...

Thanks for visiting me - just linked up again. I love the things you said about yourself - and you do deserve these awards! So nice to be in touch :)

Marcie said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the award. It alwasy make me so happy to get a little love. And you definitely deserved this award.

xo M

Blissitydoodah said...

Thank you :) You are awesome! Even if you do rearrange your sandwiches LOL. I wanna see you do peanut butter ;)


Thanks for inviting me back to your wonderful Blog Joyce!! I LOVE meeting new friends!! :)

Ooooh, awards! Those are always fabulous. Congrats! I'm gonna go and check those lovely ladies out after I browse a bit through your FAB site. <3 XOXO

Dawn said...

you are so sweet! THANK YOU SO MUCH! congrats on your awards!


ps rearrange your sandwiches???? pics please! ;)

pollydove said...

I love your answers Joyce! Fun little things to know about you. I got an award too a while back and you've just inspired me to make my list (and you're right, it is harder than you think.)

myletterstoemily said...

congratulations, joyce! it couldn't
happen to a sweeter gal. we all
just love your blog and that you
host the "friday pretties."


Gloria said...

Congrats!, Joyce!!! You deserve to have all kind of awards, you are such a sweetheart! :)

Thanks for your very thoughtful comments on my blog!

I linked up for Friday, thanks for stopping by again to let me know it was good to go...:)

Have a great evening!
xoxo @}~`}~~~ Gloria

Leslie said...

Awesome! congrats on the awards!
I love that you rearrange your sandwich as you eat it ~ I have a child who does that.
Have a great week

Farm Chick Paula said...

Congrats on your awards, Miss Joyce- you deserve them all!
And I loved finding out things about you- I feel the same way about not making my bed! I had to chuckle on you rearranging the sandwiches... I'm constantly cleaning the table while I eat! (Wiping away crumbs, wiping away drink rings... even when I'm in a restaurant! I never realized what a fruitcake I was until now... LOL)

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