"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh Those Carlsons...

Carlson Honey & Eggs
are good medicine for the soul!

Our dear friends, the Carlson's, are always
doing sweet and thoughtful things for my Mom.
She is living with us right now and in Hospice.
These wonderful, thoughtful friends
do and say many things to brighten her days.
Farmer Paul is a Gentleman Farmer.
He has chickens and bee hives.
(Which will be blogged about in the near future)
Mr & Mrs.Farmer surprised us one Sunday afternoon
with this honeycomb
straight from the hive!
First dip -

We all tasted the delicious honey
and even chewed on some wax.

There was even a dried-up dead bee on the honey comb.
Guess what happen to it?
Farmer Paul ate it!!!

Look at my youngest's face-
O.K- That was gross...

But, we loved every minute of their visit,
and this very unique experience.

Thank You Carlson's!!!
You two make everything Fun!!!

Are these the prettiest eggs that you have ever seen?

Unfortunately, My Mom was not having a good day that day and couldn't join us but, I did show her the pictures, and she has certainly enjoyed the eggs and honey!
When I make her an egg for breakfast she has to guess if it is a brown a blue egg.
She is a very good guesser. :)


Dee said...

I remember eating honeycombs as a little girl and I think I would have a similar expression as your son's if I saw somebody eat a bee. :) I am sorry to read about your mom. It must be difficult for you.It is nice to have friends like the Carlson's.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh, it's so wonderful to have friends like that!! The honey looks so delicious!
So sorry to hear about your mom- I've been down that road myself. Sending a big hug your way, sweetie....

koralee said...

Oh the idea of those pale blue eggs filling my fridge makes me one happy girl...enjoy! xoxo

myletterstoemily said...

what a wonderful gift to you and your
mom. sweet honey from the comb.

reminds me of His word.


Bonnie said...

oh yum, yum, YUM!! That honey mmmmmm... I'm so hungry now for a warm biscuit with fresh honey and scrambled eggs (but only if they are eggs that are as pretty as yours!!).

So fun!


Run Lori Run said...

I've never had honeycomb like that-- very cool!

Elizabeth said...

Very cool! I love honey! Have never had it staight from the honey comb that's pretty neat!
Your sons face says it all! Those eggs are very pretty too! So sorry to hear about your mom! She will be in my prayers.

myletterstoemily said...


thank you so much for trying tovote
for sunday. she has added some
instructions on my comment page.

i didn't know you had to sign in, etc.

sorry for all the trouble.

you're a doll!

pollydove said...

Oh the goodness of neighbors ... it truly warms the heart, doesn't it! Farm fresh eggs and fresh honey - what a treat!

My best wishes for your mother! xo

trish said...

What a blessing to have such caring people to be near to your mom. :o) And I look so forward to hearing more about the chickens. We have three girls of our own. :o)
What an adventure to have a real honey comb!! Pure goodness. :o) And real honey as well. :o) So good for you!
Hoping that your weekend is a lovely one.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Amanda said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm so sad that you and your sister couldn't come to the Farm Chicks show this year... You HAVE to come next year! And yes, thankfully I did make more money than I spent... I spent a lot, though! :) I'm also really excited because the Farm Chicks is opening a store in July and I get to be the manager. I feel so blessed! So hopefully if you can come next year you can come see the store, too.

Rosie said...

Oh what a S*W*E*E*T post...and yummy to boot...enjoy your Wednesday...and count me in for Friday pretties please...smile on Rosie

Amanda said...

oh wow! those are really neat pictures!! i had eggs for breakfast this morning...but i'm sure yours are way better than mine!! :)

Gloria said...

What nice friends you have! :) Those eggs are beautiful!!!

So sorry to hear your mom wasn't well enough for the visit. My prayers are with her (and your family).

vosges paris said...

I'm having a great give away and would like you to invite to join in ;)

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