"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Sunday, May 23, 2010

That Sister Thing...

It is almost spooky!

My sister,
and I so often do, wear, think, say, act
exactly the same way but,
we are hundreds of miles away from each other.
I posted a picture of the cute little flag banner
that she made me.
That same day, on her post,
she had a picture of her flag banner at her house.

If we had just made them
I would understand the coincidence,
but we had both had them for a couple of years.

One of hundreds of stories...
Oh, that Sister Connection-
Nothing else compares!

Tell me your sister stories...
I want to hear all about them!
(Those wonderful Sister-Friend stories count too!)


myletterstoemily said...

i am astonished how many times
my girls and i come out of our
rooms in basically the same out

Gracefully Vintage said...

Just love that, i made one with letters on it for happy-bday - those are just adorable-
love ruffled nest- but havnt visited in a few dys.

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

LOVE the song that plays. Always makes me cry. A good cry of course.
I love your banners. One of my sisters just comment on my blog for the first time today! I thought that was kinda cool.

Cornflake said...

I remember noticing that but forgot to say something! How funny, great sisters must think alike! :-)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

This is too funny! All my friend's have sisters, so I understand this special relationship, even though I do not have one.

It's me said...

I have one sister but We see each other for two years ..... not..........I have had a lot of experience ...... but I really do not want to return the first step we have no quarrel or something ......... ..........She find herself the only important thing in this life......but ...... love sisterly love should there work from both ways ..........she disagree ........i hope some day it will be good between the two of us............I stay there for prayer....have a good sunny day..................blessing and hugs from me.......

Sewn With Grace said...

One of my favorite moments with you is when we discovered that we were holding hands after I nearly killed us all on the highway. It was comforting to me to know that know matter what, we'll go holding on to each other (not to leave out our favorite backseat passenger!) :)

My Cottage Rose webshopje said...

One evening I was working on one of my creations and felt very nervous. My husband even asked what is the mather with you but I had no clue. Next day my sis called to say she gave birtht the day before. When I asked her about the time it was the same time as when I was feeling nervous. It was one week before the date she was due. And she even isn't really my sis. She lives in Russia (i live in Holland) and we just have feeling that in an other live we were sisters. We have really feeling we are bloodsisters.

Cindy said...

Ahh, I love Sister stories, there is definitely a familial connection. When I am with my younger sister I sometimes feel like I am looking in a mirror. I see her moving her head exactly like I do, laughing like me and just doing little things that feel so familiar, because it is exactly what I do. I love having sisters, I wish my daughter had one now, but it's too late.:0) Btw, the way I feel with my sister is often how I feel with my daughter. Funny thing, we decorate almost exactly the same way and we even want the same colors around us. I don't think she will admit to this quite yet, though. But that's okay, because others notice anyway.
Hugs, Cindy S

Gloria said...

My sister and I have bought purses & dishes that are almost identical, and didn't know we bought the same things until we visited each other (she lives in N.C...I am in Calif).

Similar stories of dressing a like, and purchases have happened with my myself & mom, my daughters, and my best friend.

My best friend and I were at a church function, and discovered people who had attended our church for years, thought we actually were sisters. We both have three daughters. My middle daughter and her youngest daughter are best friends. All the kids at school thought they were sisters too!

My dad use to think I was my mom on the phone (when I was a teen), and now my hubby and grandkids think I am my daughter (Candice), on the phoneline! When she was in highschool her boyfriends thought I was her also (on the phone).

Those banners are adorable...btw! :) Have a happy evening!

Dee said...

When I call my sister she will all ways say in a surprised tone of voice that she was just getting ready to call. It has happened the same for me..she will call when I am getting ready to dial her.

Rosie said...

Well hello my dear,
I have only one sister, who unfortunately, lives quite a ways away...I miss her...We had such fun growing up...she was sooo ambitious, and I was so lazy...it drove her crazy. We grew up on a dairy farm and were expected to get up so VERY early for chores. I {not being a morning person} would always be lagging behind. She was far too perky in the morning, moving at a 100 miles/hour, she would have quite a bit done by the time I stumbled into the barn. There was no "GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE"...or even "How are you, How goes it, Howdy, shalom"...Nope I got "Why are you so late?...If you can't move any faster, just go back to the house!"...So I would SLOWLY shuffle, back to the house {the air is so very fresh, at 5 AM, I really found it quite peaceful}...When I hit the front door there is my dear mom, hands on hips,(once again no "good morning"}...I got "Why are you not helping Joni?...Get back to the barn"...So I did...All morning...Back and forth...Back and forth...Back and forth...I was so bad...and to think she still loves me, even after that..XOXO
Smile On Rosie

Rosie said...

Good Morning Sunshine!
...Yes, she is older...{only 23 months} but she still THOUGHT she was my mother...a bit bossy, thankfully, we laugh about it now...Have a great day...smile on Rosie

Sara said...

No sisters, only a stinky brother, but I hope my daughters have this kind of connection as they grow up. They are best buddies now and I love to see how they defend each other and support each other just before engaging in all out war with one another!

Farm Girl said...

I think the thing that always amazes me about my sister, is that we can always anticipate what the other one is going to say, or even think. It is like having another part of my body out there. Our voices are almost the same, we like the same books and movies and it is always comforting to have that.

Rosie said...

Ahh yes, my dear sister the story teller...Embellishment is an art...and I love to hear her version...just for a snicker...
.....SMILE ON ROSIE.....

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

It is said, accidence does not exist..
Wishing you a lovely day, Joyce! xx

It's me said...

You ar such a lovely kind person Joyce...... I adopt you just like my sister! hahahhahah!...lol lol.......hugs from Ria..xxxxx

North of 25A said...

Hello! I just popped over from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover. I'll be back! Until then, my best,

Duchess of Tea said...

Joyce darling love the buntings, they are adorable. I have three sisters and we are as diffenrent as night and day, so no sisterly story to tell.

Darling, I am not officially back to blogging yet, just wanted to pop in and thank you for your kind and loving comment, I truly appreciate it darling. Tomorrow my friend has an appointment with the Regional Cancer Center to determine the route of her treatment. I am going to accompany her for support, she truly needs me and I truly want to be there for her.
Hope to be back soon
Love & Hugs

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That is so cool!

My sister and I are total opposites, but still great friends.

mimi said...

Some things run deep! I have a half sister that I had only seen twice when she was very young, she is 17 years younger than me. A few years ago I had the opportunity for a grown up visit and went to stay with her for a few days at her house. We are so alike in many ways that it is frightening since we did not grow up together. She had the same silverware in her drawers and the same dishes in her cabinets. She has very similar decorating taste and loves many of the same thing I do! Love having a sister!

Bonnie said...

I think I remember that day too, just thought you guys had planned it! :)

My sister and I are best friends. When we get together, we are always saying the same things, going towards the same purse, etc...

Loved this post! :)

Hope you're having a lovely day.


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