"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Sunday, May 30, 2010

He Really Is So Sweet To Me...

The Farmer's Market!
Look how excited Jer is to be there
to be getting his picture taken
so that he can be on my blog!
As you know, from past posts,
Big Bear Jer does some things,
that he may consider "Girlie",
but he goes along because-
He really is so sweet to me...
This is a local market that
started last year.
I didn't hear about it until the
end of last summer-

Too late...

So this summer-
We are on!
There are beautiful flowers and plants.
(Have you ever seen such a giant Dalia? )

There is also beef, pork, fish and poultry.
Oh, and fresh, made-to-order omelets!
Everything, of course, is locally grown.

Along with a few tables of hand-made items.
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It was a busy and bustling crowd.
Such Fun!!!
Oh, did I mention the homemade jams?
I love Tart Cherry Anything!

I also picked up some flowers,
which I absolutely can Never resist-
So that I could dress up my girl...
It was a wonderful way to
spend an hour on a
Beautiful Summer Morning!

I'm taking a vote-
How many of you think Jer will be there
again next Saturday?


Elyse said...

i'll say that if you want to be there, jer will be there.

looks like fun!


A Write Life said...

Oh, the cherry jam sounds great.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

This reminds me of a farmer's market I went to on Saturday morning. Lovely flowers! And you are blessed to have a husband like that!

It's me said...

Beautiful things you bought !!!...new banner!!! wauwww!!! have a happy day......hugs from me................

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, great farmers market! I love farmers markets, we get our meat there, our veggies, fresh flowers, crafts, lots of stuff! Your husband sounds sweet, mine is the same way, he will go to a lot of things with me that I know he really doesn't want to! XO!

Frances said...

My vote is "Yes" ... "Indeed!"

Your photos are so beautiful, Joyce. I especially love the pink flowers. We have many of these kinds of markets here where I live. They line the major route which runs from Baltimore to Ocean City, and all the tourists keep the markets hopping. I don't think we have any that offer omelets, however. That's so interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if you made this an every-Saturday adventure during the summer! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse into such loveliness.

Anonymous said...

Ha! If Jer isn't, I WILL BE :-) HA!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Kelly, I think that he would willingly give you his spot. :)

Barbara said...

Oh I love pretty things too, and those flowers are gorgeous, thanks for sharing with us all,. Have a great Holiday, Barbara

Sewn With Grace said...

Looks like fun! Is that the Texas Corners market or downtown? I think Jer will be wherever you want him to :)

Cornflake said...

Homemade jam, yum! Nothing beats homemade conserves, they taste so fresh and healthy!

Lovely markets and love your flowers! x

Rosie said...

Oh, they always "pretend" not to enjoy it, but next Saturday{mark my words} he'll be in the car before you...waiting
Hey did you buy the jam?...Is it crazy good???...tart cherry...what could be finer...sweet post!!!!

Amanda said...

That all looks so beautiful! Maybe you could sell the gorgeous aprons you make!

I can relate to the hippie/J. Crew theme. This bride is a total hippie, but she's also very classy in many ways. As for the hippie touches... Everybody will be barefoot, bride, groom, the whole party. Totally barefoot. The bridesmaids will be wearing flowy sashes tied in different ways in their hair. This is also a great way to add their accent color in. I'm also adding lots of different things in the bouquets. Like succulents. And possibly pheasant feathers in the boutonnieres.

The Zhush said...

I love tart cherry anything too...not to mention a great local farmer's market!

Silver Strands said...

Sounds like an absolutely perfect day! I love all the pictures and our captions ... so glad I found your blog :)

It's me said...


Will you put my give away post in your friday pretties.............i am on holliday than........???

Thanks !! hugs.........I miss you already................. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Farm Girl said...

I think he will go, it looks like so much fun. I have never heard of tart cherry jam. It sounds heavenly.
Lovely pictures of the flowers and just everything is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing and for leaving that sweet comment, you made my day.

Gloria said...

What a fun day you had! Your hubby is a good guy to go with you...Go Joyce's hubby! I am voting he would go again with you...:)

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