"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gift Givers & Guilt

Aren't we lovely in our matching Leopard Girl PJ's? It was like being in the jungle all weekend!
See these two? They are Gift Givers. They, along with lots of hugs and words, show their love for you with gifts. I happen to be one of the blessed recipients of their gift giving. We went on a little get-away weekend, along with another friend, Kelly, and of course, Renee and Debbie brought gifts.

Debbie, on the left, got us all matching leopard print flannel pj's. (So her personality!) And, Renee from Sewn With Grace, whom I call my "Little Amish Friend" even though she is not Amish, but very talented, made each one of us and the girls we went to visit, a beautiful fabric scarf.

There is a certain amount of guilt when it comes to being in a friendship with a Gift Giver, but I have decided to push past that and just enjoy their enjoyment in showering me with gifts. Ha Ha

Do any of you have a special Gift Giver in your life? Any guilt with that?


Sewn With Grace said...

You, dear friend, are a gift to us! Love you!

Angela said...

I am at home with a bad cold - and heard a noise outside - found a box labelled "Meals On wheels" containing a complete meal [all ready to heat through] for myself and my DH [he is a hard working pastor] from a friend who is such a Generous Giver. My finances are quite restricted, so I cannot give back in monetary terms - but I try to show gratitude and give back in terms of love and friendship.
I only feel guilty when know I COULD give something and I don't.
enjoying your new blog!!

Joyce said...

First of all, Thank You for commenting on my blog!
Secondly, what a wonderful and thoughtful surprise for you!
Thirdly, I guess that's where my guilt is coming from, I could give Something, even it's little, but I don't think of it. Those wonderful, generous gift-giving Sista's must have a level of energy that I lack...
But, I DO love those girls way beyond the gifts!!!

Mariah said...

Well aren't you gals a pile of fun and trouble:) Gift givers...guilt. That could be a whole series of posts SITSta! How wonderful that you have a balanced friendship. How horrid would it be if you had all givers and no receivers? No one would ever accept the gifts given!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Mariah, That makes me feel better, but there is still a trace of guilt...
We all have different ways of giving and receiving love, I apparently am drawn to gift givers. They must be drawn to Receivers. LOL Anyway, they are a Wonderful Bunch, and yes, a pile of fun and trouble! :D

trish said...

When I receive a gift, I feel instant humbling. Ironically, my love language is "gift giving". :o) I love to give and am incredibly blessed to receive.
The times I feel most quilt though is when I am unable to reciprocate the gift. For instance, a nice man in our church tilled our garden last year. He would not accept anything in return. He said that He is blessed to bless others with what God has blessed him with - a tractor. :o)
I wanted so badly to give something in return.
Sorry so long. :o) Trish

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

First of all, never too long Trish. :)

Also, I know how you feel about wanting to reciprocating. Maybe a plant this spring for his garden?

Vintage Home said...

...Pretty sure I am wearing those same PJ's as I sit here and read your blog!

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