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You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Monday, February 1, 2010

Be Careful...Fragile

How fun are these? They are measuring cups! And, yes there is a story behind them.

I went to visit my Fabulous Apron Model sister, Sherrie (who by the way has a blog called "A Ruffled Nest" check it out) and, hanging on these little hooks next to her kitchen sink were these cute, little cups. Of course I was intrigued and wanted a closer look, but as I reached for one the one behind it fell! Oh My!! On the rim of the measuring cup was a little chip. Ouch! I felt horrible, but having the fabulous sister that I do, she was so sweet and forgiving. It was a small chip, and she said that it was no big deal.

Well, I couldn't just walk away and let it go. Oh no...I decided to inspect the damage a little closer, and guess what I did? Yep, dropped it again! Needless to say, it is still hanging in her cute little kitchen with a Big chip in it. Here's how sweet she is- Guess what I got for Christmas? A brand-new, chipless set of those measuring cups!

What a sister...


Sewn With Grace said...

How cute are those! What a great story, made me giggle just a little...

tori said...

I want those!!
since we got back from vacay I am mysteriously missing my 1/2 cup measuring cup....
just thinking I'm going to have to go buy a new one (set)

Joyce said...

Hi Tori. She got them at Pier One. Just be careful with them. LOL

The Tablescaper said...

I got these for Christmas too! My neighbor gave them to me (Pier One) and they were right on the money. They were one of my favorite gifts.

- The Tablescaper

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