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You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aprons Are Fun!!!

I LOVE aprons! I love to wear them, and I love to make them. I made quite a few of them this Christmas season because my cousin Becky asked me to make each one of her sisters. Then, one of her sisters asked me to make some for her girls. What FUN! They both allowed me to pick out the fabric, which is stressful, but because I know each one of them, it was fun too.
As I cut, and stitched, and tore out, and stitched again, I would pray for the specific person that I was making the apron for. During those hours I went back in time with each of my cousins. I have such wonderful memories with each one of them. I so loved their mom, my Aunt Joyce, who I am named after. I loved their big'ol house, which was full of life and laughter. I loved being with them.
Ahhhhh, such sweet childhood memories...


Beverly said...

Hi Joyce. In answer to your question on the last blog post, I do have a blog, just click on my name.
I love aprons....I have made a few and have a bezillion patterns as I can't pass them up.
The one on your sister is so cute. Love your choice of fabrics. Lucky ladies who recieve one of yours.

Nancy said...

I love aprons too...and Sherrie's is so cute! I love that you pray for those who will recieve what you are making. I remember you saying that about some socks you were knitting and thought it was so sweet. I did this for a friend I made a quilt for and the experience was (to quote Katie) AMAZING...for both of us.

Joyce said...

It is AMAZING! Those socks were probably for Aaron, so there were extra special stitches in them. Maybe I should start knitting socks again? But, I think that's your specialty.

Becky said...

Joyce, the "apron opening" was such a flutter of squeals and giggles. We will all cherish them forever! (perfect fabric selections, I might add!) Your post put a lump in my throat ... I treasure those precious days so much! We are so blessed to have grown up with so much love and laughter. So glad you're my cousin and my friend. Your blog brightens my day! Love you!

Joyce said...

Aaahhhh Becky...Those days are treasures!
You girls were such fun and silly cousins, and of course still are! Those summers that I spent at your house felt long, and wonderful, and endless. But, oh man, they were gone in a flash. It makes me lonely for you girls and your Momma!

mindykhall said...

Becky told me this morning that I should follow your blog. Interestingly, I have never followed someone's blog before...so, it will be fun to see how this works.

I talked to your sweet momma last night. We just laughed and giggled so much! I LOVED our chat!

Becky and I really want to figure out how to visit her sometime soon!!

Joyce said...

Let's make a plan. And, maybe we could include a visit with Aunt Ceille. She just turned 89 and is as sparky ever! She is my inspiration!
I am so glad that you talked to my Mom. You girls make her day!!!

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